Monday, August 28, 2006

photo update

We had a great trip to NYC and I even managed to get in some yarn shopping. Cascade all 10% off at the cute yarn shop across from Dave's sister's place. I managed to tear myself out with less than $100 worth. Yikes.

I've been working on this Clapotis for my sister as a Christmas gift. I'm using a yarn from which I think is working out quite nicely.

As I think I mentioned, the best part is the dropping! And it really does look lovely with the variegated yarns (sorry for the blur):

It was pretty good car knitting since I don't have to read the pattern obsessively anymore. It's got a simple repeat broken up with stitch markers. I'm into the decrease section so the end is in sight, which is good since I'm on the last ball of yarn... hopefully my math was correct. Although that was the point of starting the Christmas knitting so early, so in case I fouled up something I'd have time to repair, reorder, reknit etc.

As for additions to my stash acquired in Brooklyn, they are all for me!! I have visions of Norwegian knee socks, a red turtleneck and some kicky purple striped toe up Fixation socks in time for spring. But none of this can commence until the Christmas rush is over. Any odds on how long that discipline will last?

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