Friday, August 25, 2006

travel plans

So, it's been a crazy week during which I managed to knit, but not blog. I just couldn't seem to get to the camera to snap any pics. And it's too bad because I did some repair work on the sweater I've started knitting my mom for Christmas that I was quite proud of and would have liked to document. I know some people wouldn't have been particularly impressed, but it did involve dropping a stitch down about 15 rows of both stockinette and garter stitch (mutiply times 6 for the 6 times in one row I loused up the pattern without noticing). My crochet hook and I were pretty excited. I might once have been the type of knitter who left this alone thinking (rightly) that no one but me would notice. But this sweater is for my mom and I love her and so it should be as perfect as I can make it.

And this weekend we are driving up to NYC for a few days, so I am vowing to get it together on Monday before work and post a bunch of pics of my works in progress so I can do better at this whole blogging thing. It's a trial, I tell you.

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