Saturday, August 19, 2006

mistake ribbing is no mistake

I think it's Dr. Phil who says something about the insanity of repeating the same behavior over and over but expecting different results? Anyway, after about a bazillion do-overs (or swatches, yeah, let's pretend I was swatching!) on the green donation scarf, I settled on a mistake rib which looks all squiggly and nice and way more complicated than it actually is. And then, the true stroke of brilliance... let's make it a keyhole scarf so it only has to be 32" long! Haha! Eureka! Duty discharged, guilt assuaged, and still successfully avoided baking cupcakes!

I promise more work with pictures and a more attractive template. Tomorrow is Sunday and I don't work, so posting can be done from home rather than illicitly while I'm working the reference desk.

I am also working on a
Clapotis as an early start to Christmas gift giving, which is going along swimmingly. I love dropping stiches on purpose! So pics of that to come, I think.

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