Tuesday, August 15, 2006

one small step...

I am the queen of starting over. I have had at least two other blogs started and abandoned and then summarily deleted in embarrassment over the lack of posting. But today will be different. Today is one giant leap for blog-kind.
I drool over all the other knitting blogs, and think, I can do that. My WIPs can be artistically photographed. I have lots to talk (read:complain) about. I have a digital camera. (Well, my lovely and supportive boyfriend, Dave, has one that I gave him for Christmas last year. He lets me use it.) And questions.... I have lots of questions and hopefully I can work out the answers or fool someone into giving them to me.
So this will be the blog that sticks! Yarn-over it!

1 comment:

Marietta said...

look forward to seeing if you stick!
(found you while reading comments on Eunny's page)