Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You can knit a cupcake, but no one's going to eat it

The Friends group at the library where I work is sponsoring a bake sale/craft sale to raise money, which eventually trickles back down to the library, so I decided I'd rather knit than bake. This is the start of the scarf I plan to donate:

It is the "Green Faux Cable Scarf" from my free gift brochure in the Interweave Knits issue for Fall 2006. They look like real cables, right? I'm completely fooled. I'm trying desperately to memorize the 8 line pattern, but it's not that intuitive to me for some reason. The yarn overs and corresponding decreases move outward in a V shape, but I can't seem to just remember where, so it involves a lot of squinting at the pattern so far. But there are still 27 repeats to go, so I might get it yet.

I'm into the whole leafy look, especially in green yarn. And since I totally overviews this green tweedy stuff for a baby sweater (which was very cute, featuring frog shaped buttons), I should have plenty for the scarf without having to spend more money! And if I finish fast enough, maybe I can find another stash-busting project to contribute.

Who wouldn't want a scarf knit by their librarian, I ask you?

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