Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Help! I've logged on to Ebay and I can't get out!

I had this great idea of how I was going to save some money by limiting my fiber budget through the holidays, but somehow I have managed to make at least 4 Ebay purchases in the month of December alone.
And twice I got this wonderful "second chance" offer from a seller to purchase something I didn't even win. Now who can pass that up for goodness sake? It's like a gift, practically.
And each individual purchase seems like such a bargain, and with PayPal I don't even have to physcially touch my credit card each time. It is evil I tell you...EVIL!!!
And for some reason I'm buying all this lace weight yarn. Exhibit A: purple cashmere!!!
Do I have a need for shawls all of a sudden? I was guilt tripped by my mother for not having knitted something for my grandmother for Christmas, so maybe that can be a project for the rest of the winter.
OK. But the blog-o-sphere as my witness: No more Ebay until at least.... umm.... Feb?

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