Friday, January 19, 2007

Fly, Icarus, Fly!

Finally some pictures, posted through the glory of the bf's new laptop and wireless connection. La-dee-da.

I finished the Icarus maybe two weeks ago. I think I need an action photo to do it justice, so hold on for that. I used less than 1 skein of this lovely slightly varigated blue from I was amazed to find not a single knot in it when I would it, too. Very nice. I absolutely recommend their yarns, and very reasonably priced, too.

The obligatory pre-blocking lace item close up. Pimply, no? Granted, the hundreds of stithes were all squished up together on a pretty short #4 circular needle.

This is still pre-blocking, but a wider view. I was, despite the dozens of other blog entries and articles and books I have read on the topic assuring me of this, simply amazed at how much the thing grew when I pinned it out. The blocking pics were not so great, since I used the biggest beach towel I had which happens to also be blue. But I'll try to get a pic on something more flattering to show the finished object.

And of course I must admit that this project definitely gave me the lace bug. As evidenced by the amount of lace weight yarn I have subsequently purchased off of Ebay.

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