Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tour de Fleece continued

Well, slowly slowly I spun the rest of the fiber I posted last time. I had some brown and then some brown with white and blue striped through it. I spun them both up, with a bit of difficulty. I had to really predraft it down to about the thickness I wanted for the single itself.

Then I plied the brown and the striped together. It's pretty thick, but I like the end result. I only ended up with about 50 yards, so maybe I can use it for the cuffs of a jacket or sweater. Not much more than that...I'll try to snap a pic of the finished skein that'll be a bit more appealing.


I have some more carded fiber in a nifty purple and some combed merino in a melony/mango-y kind of color. That's up next!

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